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This place! We first discovered it when touring Eastern township and instantly fell in love. We needed to do a shot there! Fast forward to October 2016. It became a reality, thanks to an awesome team of vendors! Here is a poetic description of the day from our planner!

From Rainbow Chan weddings:

“Falling in love, over and over again. Thoughts of romance set adrift in a sea of inspiration, set to motion by the subsiding winds of a passing summer and the warmness of colour and texture of a preceding fall. These sentiments among others were the starting point of what inspired us – in a very literal way – to create our latest style shoot, “Fall Wedding Inspiration”. Elegance, class, a vibrant theme and a rustic appeal, a scene by nature and a longing call to the deep and sentimental soul within all of us. These vital pieces drive the running thread of what might be one of our finest style shoots yet. With the perfect setting of the fall season amidst the turning of autumn leaves, we had chosen the Chapelle Ste. Agnès vineyard in Sutton, Quebec as our piece’s “romantic getaway”, faced with an absolutely stunning scenery of provincial Quebec’s countryside at the peak of the autumn season and the forested countryside’s changing hues. To complement the enormity of the landscape and the vast natural beauty that the vineyard provided us, we had chosen to supplement nature’s canvas with elements of our own; through an eclectic array of décor and design choices that brought a human touch to the forest’s foliage. An elegant and long-flowing bright white bridal gown by Toronto’s very own Catherine Langlois alongside a beautiful violet-themed floral bouquet only served to make our style shoot’s palette ever more diverse. And to match the introduction of a violet streak to the shimmering gold of the season’s turning colours, we had experimented with a vibrant array of varying hues of royal purple, carnation pink, lavender and the like through our select centerpieces and style shoot exclusives; playful shots of candlelight arrangements, the menagerie of fresh fruit from the vine with a floral touch, and many more style choices to inspire the imagination. So immerse yourself with us, be drawn to the ever-changing mosaic of the fall season, the majesty of the countryside, the vibrant vivacity of a natural autumn palette, and plenty more. Inspire yourself with our “Fall Wedding Inspiration” and fall in love, over and over again”



Chapelle Ste Agnès

Ste Agnès Vineyard

To Appreciate full beauty of the surroundings there, check out the little video of she shoot


Photography by Julia Park Photography / Venue – Chapelle Ste Anges Vineyard / Rentals by La Mariee Bohemeom / Floral Design by Les Petite Excuses/ Calligraphy by Paula Lee Calligraphy / Hair and Makeup by Catherine Vincent / Wedding Dress Designer – Catherine Langlois / Bridal Shop – Catherine Langlois / Ring Design by Cynthia Findlay / Wedding Planning by Rainbow Chan Weddings / Silk Heirlooms by Silk and Willow / Modeling by Claudie Huberdeau from Agence Look / Cinemetography by Anton Park Films / Other Vendors Pastisserie Petite Lapin / The Loved One / The MrsBox

stratus vinery wedding-0017

From Laura Olsen Events “‘The first words Aleks used to describe her vision for her wedding at Stratus vineyard, were bright, colourful and modern. I was immediately hooked! While I do love a timeless palette of whites, greens and soft shades, I love being challenged with an event design. It was so much fun to flex my creative muscle and merge my love of classic timeless elements with Aleks’ passion for fun and colour. The ceremony took place beside the rows of vines and the ceremony altar was anchored by two large, lush, potted arrangements of greens, blooms and tropical leaves. The Press Alley at Stratus was the perfect industrial base to easily dress up with dark linens and chairs and lots of bright candles and flowers. Ashley Elaine Florals created a spread of bright blooms, grouped in vases by single variety to run the length of the table, also accented by large monstera leaves to add height to the tablescape and play with the height of the ceiling. We added tall taper candles to add a romantic element to the design. We strung 280 feet of edison bulb cafe lights draped with greenery to bring the ceiling down and add a dramatic effect while maintaining soft lighting for dinner. After dinner, guests moved into the retail space that was converted to a dance floor area with a huge 30 foot bar. 586 Event Group kept the dancing going all night and guests were practically dancing out the door at the end of the evening…”

wedding shoesstratus vinery wedding-0004stratus vinery wedding-0003stratus vinery wedding-0002stratus vinery wedding-0005stratus vinery wedding-0010stratus vinery wedding-0009stratus vinery wedding-0008stratus vinery wedding-0007stratus vinery wedding-0006stratus vinery wedding-0011stratus vinery wedding-0016stratus vinery wedding-0015stratus vinery wedding-0014niagara wedding ceremony stratus vinery wedding-0012stratus vinery wedding-0022stratus vinery wedding-0021stratus vinery wedding-0020stratus vinery wedding-0019stratus vinery wedding-0018stratus vinery wedding-0023stratus vinery wedding-0028stratus vinery wedding-0027stratus vinery wedding-0026stratus vinery wedding-0024stratus vinery wedding-0025

 Venue – Stratus Winery

Florist – Ashley Elaine

Beauty – The Look Beauty

Stationery- Paper and Poste Transportation – Dynasty Limos

Chairs – Higgins Event Rentals

Ceremony Music – Carolina Herrera Violin

banff wedding photo location

We wanted to create an inspiration for an adventurous bride. A girl that spends her free time hiking in the mountains and camping by the bonfire. A girl that would take boots over heels anytime. What if she was to stay true to her real self on her wedding day.

What if she was to put on an easy to wear dress, comfy boots, and even throw on her favorite hat. Her bouquet is inspired by wild flowers, the ones that the couple was admiring on their fist hike together. Low Maintenance, cheerful flowers just like our bride herself.

She is ready for her mountaintop elopement with only closest family and friends. She is ready to promise to be forever adventures to the one her heart loves.

photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0008photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0010photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0006photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0007photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0011photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0013photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0014photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0015photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0016banff wedding photographermost beautiful wedding location in canadaphotobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0019photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0031photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0012photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0037photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0020photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0021hiking bridephotobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0023photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0024photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0027photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0025photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0028photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0029Mountain elopmentphotobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0054photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0032photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0033photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0034brave bridephotobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0036photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0048stylish bride in the mountainsphotobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0041bride in a hatphotobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0043photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0044photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0046photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0049banff weddingcanmore wedding photographerphotobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0052photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0053photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0001photobyjuliaparkphotography_rocky_mountains-0002

emerald-lake-wedding-0024groom's details bridal shoesemerald-lake-wedding-0043Yoho national Park weddingWedding in the mountainsemerald-lake-wedding-0011emerald-lake-wedding-0012emerald-lake-wedding-0004emerald-lake-wedding-0009emerald-lake-wedding-0046emerald-lake-wedding-0044emerald-lake-wedding-0006emerald-lake-wedding-0042emerald-lake-wedding-0041emerald-lake-wedding-0038emerald-lake-wedding-0036emerald-lake-wedding-0013emerald-lake-wedding-0039emerald-lake-wedding-0040emerald-lake-wedding-0037emerald-lake-wedding-0034emerald-lake-wedding-0035emerald-lake-wedding-0032emerald-lake-wedding-0033emerald-lake-wedding-0030emerald-lake-wedding-0019emerald-lake-wedding-0031emerald-lake-wedding-0028emerald-lake-wedding-0029emerald-lake-wedding-0026emerald-lake-wedding-0027emerald-lake-wedding-0025emerald-lake-wedding-0022emerald-lake-wedding-0023emerald-lake-wedding-0020emerald-lake-wedding-0021emerald-lake-wedding-0016emerald-lake-wedding-0017emerald-lake-wedding-0018emerald-lake-wedding-0014emerald-lake-wedding-0010emerald-lake-wedding-0015emerald-lake-wedding-0008emerald-lake-wedding-0005emerald-lake-wedding-0007

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Emerald Lake Lodge wedding Inspiration

Photos are taken at Luminous workshop

Styling: Well Styled Life

Film Lab:  Photovision

Caligraphy: Plum Calligraphy

Makeup and Hair The Pretty Haus

Venue: Emerald Lake Lodge


September 27, 2016

graydonhallwedding-0001graydonhallwedding-0002graydonhallwedding-0003graydonhallwedding-0004graydonhallwedding-0005graydonhallwedding-0006graydonhallwedding-0007graydonhallwedding-0008graydonhallwedding-0009graydonhallwedding-0010graydonhallwedding-0011graydonhallwedding-0013graydonhallwedding-0012graydonhallwedding-0015graydonhallwedding-0014graydonhallwedding-0018graydonhallwedding-0017graydonhallwedding-0016graydonhallwedding-0019graydonhallwedding-0021graydonhallwedding-0020graydonhallwedding-0023graydonhallwedding-0022graydonhallwedding-0026graydonhallwedding-0025graydonhallwedding-0024graydonhallwedding-0027graydonhallwedding-0028graydonhallwedding-0030graydonhallwedding-0029graydonhallwedding-0032graydonhallwedding-0031graydonhallwedding-0035graydonhallwedding-0034graydonhallwedding-0033graydonhallwedding-0037graydonhallwedding-0036graydonhallwedding-0039graydonhallwedding-0038graydonhallwedding-0041graydonhallwedding-0040graydonhallwedding-0043graydonhallwedding-0042graydonhallwedding-0044graydonhallwedding-0046graydonhallwedding-0045graydonhallwedding-0047graydonhallwedding-0048graydonhallwedding-0049graydonhallwedding-0050graydonhallwedding-0051graydonhallwedding-0052graydonhallwedding-0054graydonhallwedding-0053graydonhallwedding-0056graydonhallwedding-0055graydonhallwedding-0058graydonhallwedding-0057graydonhallwedding-0059graydonhallwedding-0060graydonhallwedding-0061graydonhallwedding-0062From Rebecca Chan weddings and events:
Victoria and Stephen’s day was all about soft romantic colours and effortless style. Their garden-inspired bouquets from Flower 597 were the perfect for their outdoor ceremony, while soft blooms in their centrepieces accented the tables (put together by the bride’s aunt). Complementing the venue’s old world elegance, we included gold vintage elements at the receiving table. To add an extra personal touch to the day, each table number featured a city that the couple had visited together, and a little dog trinket sprayed in gold let guests know of the donation that was made in lieu of favours to the humane society.


The team

Planning: Rebecca Chan Weddings 

Wedding cake:   Cakelaine

Makeup:  A Glow by Joan






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fine art photographer

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