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We take the stress out of having your maternity, newborn and family photos taken by providing you with the full service. From a curated wardrobe and in-studio hair and makeup, to creating the most beautiful heirlooms for your home. So that you can have the best photos you’e seen of yourself and your loved ones and preserve your legacy in printed photographs. 



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what brings you here today? 



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 You are probably overwhelmed with so many emotions and things to do before the baby gets here. I hope that finding the right photographer to document this magical time is an easy decision for you. 

I am here to serve you, to take things off your plate (not add to it!). When it comes to your session, all you have to do is show up fresh-faced with your yoga pants on and hair in a bun, and we’ll take care of the rest. For real.

Once the session is done, we don’t stop there. My job isn’t complete until you have a gorgeous album on your coffee table and beautiful prints on your walls. We’ll let you do the fun part of choosing everything, and we’ll get to work.

Please stay awhile take a look around. 

I hope that you’ll see what sets us apart from other maternity and newborn photographers in Toronto.

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"I'm never felt more


I’ve done 3 sessions with Julia: outside maternity, family at home, and motherhood portrait at the studio. Every single session was such an amazing experience. She is simply outstanding!! So talented, professional, an incredible artist and kind-hearted! I usually feel uneasy in front of the camera. However, Julia provides you with directions, making the whole experience feel so comfortable and natural. Her photography style is so dreamy and full of light! I absolutely love the photographs and am so grateful to Julia for capturing these precious memories for us!

"So talented, professional, an incredible artist and kind-hearted!"

Anastasia - Maternity and motherhood 

I loved shooting my maternity photos with Julia! She made me feel super confident and comfortable. Her studio is absolutely gorgeous and she has an insane wardrobe to choose from so you literally don't need to pack anything! I highly recommend her for maternity photos!

"She made me feel super confident and comfortable!"

Marlie - Maternity 

My experience with Julia at The Giving Portrait was phenomenal. The entire morning was a relaxing, special treat. From her wonderful, sunlit Toronto studio to the hair/make-up and wardrobe styling,
I loved being able just to show up and have her take care of a tired momma. I've been on set for video and photo shoots before and Julia's professionalism, kindness and talent make her a stand-out.
 And of course, the photos. Oh my God, the photos. I've had a never-ending stream of compliments about the photography, saying that it looks like a magazine spread. I'm grateful she captured these memories and I'm proud to have her artful portraits in my home for the rest of our lives


Melissa + the family 
Maternity session

From start to finish, I absolutely loved my experience with Julia. She immediately made you feel comfortable as soon as you walked in the studio and took so well to my little boy ...
Her shoot props were gorgeous and I really appreciated the selection of beautiful and stylish gowns for both maternity and post-maternity shoots for moms. 

 This is a huge help, many times we shy away from photo sessions because we don't like our bodies, or have nothing to wear and don't want to go through the trouble of buying something - she has it all covered! She also has an amazing and talented makeup artist who makes you feel like a queen!

When we received the photos we were blown away by the quality. They were crisp, bright and airy. I also love how she captured the candid moments of us too. 
. If you want the job done right and great quality photos you can have for the rest of your life, book a session with The Giving Portrait!

"She immediately made you feel comfortable as soon as you walked in the studio ..."

-  motherhood 

There’s a little miracle inside of you. Is there anything more fascinating than the beginning of a new human life? 

That’s what our maternity sessions are all about—celebrating your body that created human life and the tiny human inside of you. 

Our maternity sessions take place at sunset on a beach or in the morning at my natural-light studio. Your partner and other children are welcome to join. 

All expecting mamas are encouraged to pick a dress from our client wardrobe or wear a neutral maxi dress of their own. 

Hair and makeup are available at an additional cost and highly recommended. 


the baby is here..

The fleeting moments of the newborn stage—how can you not document them? Mama and her new baby portraits are something we absolutely love doing...


What you wear plays a huge role in how the final images turn out. The truth is, the things we wear in real life often aren’t the best options for photos.

My style is light, airy, romantic, and feminine, and we encourage our clients to wear clothing that matches that style. It’s the only way to guarantee you get photos just like the ones you see in my portfolio.

But guess what. We are not going to send you shopping!

 I have a growing selection of dresses in various sizes available for all my moms and mamas-to-be to wear during their shoots. Some are more casual, and some are fancier.

I hope you find something that fits your style and save time and money on shopping!

Let us take care of that....

our products


what to wear for
 a maternity session? 

wall art

Storybooks of your life.
Heirlooms to pass down.
Your family history. 
Your forever treasures.
Memories to be remembered.
The tangible luxury, yet every family’s necessity.
Because you wouldn’t want to just pass down your iCloud password to your kids.

Daily reminders of what’s important.
Art featuring your best creations yet
A reminder for the tiniest of how much they are loved here.
Your pride, your joy.
Custom made with your style and decor in mind.
Only highest-quality materials to last you for decades to come.

Albums and folio boxes

Please get in touch a few months before the desired session to guarantee the perfect date for you. But in any case, don’t hesitate to get in touch because we do have last-minute openings from time to time.

how far in advance should i book? 

We’ll meet for your ordering appointment one to two weeks after the session. From there, final delivery depends on what you order. Different products have different turnaround times.

how soon will i get my photos? 

Clients who book 2 or more session with us get a discount on all packages! 

Do you offer maternity + newborn bundels?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to bring their family for a portion of their shoot.

could my husband/partner and other kids join in? 

To achieve our consistent artistic style, we do 90% of our sessions in the studio. Every once in a while, our clients have a home that’s perfect for photos. Send us some pictures of your home to see if it works!

can i have a session in my home? 

Our general recommendation is to have your session at 28–34 weeks pregnant. It could be a bit earlier for twin mamas or a bit later for petite women.

When should i schedule my maternity session? 


the experience



Let's get on the phone for a quick chat! I would love to hear more about your vision for session and answer any questions your might have! 



Getting your hair and makeup done by one of the artists we work with before the shoot at the studio would be the best start of the day

get ready! 


Nothing to think or worry about! We'll guide you though everything and let your kids be themselves instead of forcing them into anything... 

have your session


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Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



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A week or two after the session we meet again! To look though photos together and decide what' products/packages you'd like to order!

ordering appointment


We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



Wouldn't it be awesome if these were wearable?


If this baby is not your first, then it’s absolutely touching to have to have a photo with your littles all around you, in awe of their new brother or sister in mommy’s tummy! If it’s just you and your partner, then it’s a great opportunity for an intimate session with them. It’s a unique few months in both of your lives.

You should celebrate your body
for all the work it’s doing.

It’s as simple as that. You may or may not feel like your best self—everyone’s journey is different. But trust me on one thing. You are going to regret not doing it. I hear it over and over from women who chose to skip it.

It’s a great way to capture your loved ones’ anticipation.

You won’t have to wait too long for them to appreciate photos of you with them in your tummy! Let them in on the journey.

It’s a treasure for your kids.

Do you ever look down at your growing stomach in complete awe? Your body is hard at work growing a tiny human—a human you already love so fiercely. It’s the miracle of life manifested within you, and you can’t not document this miracle.

You will regret it if you don’t.

It’s a few months in your life like no other—the anticipation, the excitement. It’s not all glamorous, but it’s magical nevertheless. You deserve to be pampered. You can use a pick me up. Let me show how beautiful you really are at this time.

It’s a way to celebrate your
pregnancy journey.

five reasons why you should hire a maternity photographer.


We hope every mama walks away with something tangible in her hands. 
Our single session packages start at $1500