5 Services to Make Your Postpartum Journey Much Easier! - Julia Park Photography

Motherhood can be overwhelming – especially as you are starting this journey! Having someone you can count on during those first days is such a relief!

Hire a Night Nanny – It’s a Luxury, But So is Sleep During the Newborn Days

Taking Care of a newborn is a full-time job! Sometimes that can lead to new moms having next to no sleep. A Night Nurse/Nanny is a great way to catch up on some sleep to make sure you have the energy to manage everything during the day. At night you should be able to relax and that is where the night nurse will help.

Night Nanny’s help you:

  1. Get an undisturbed night (minimal disruption if breastfeeding)
  2. Support and advise on all things baby’s care whenever you need it
  3. Create good sleep pattern for you and your baby
  4. Feel more confident in your parenting
  5. With feeding options whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Get Your Meals Delivered! Take Cooking Off Your Plate 🙂 

Making sure your baby is fed is important yes, but how about you? With so many new tasks at hand it may be difficult to find the time to cook for yourself. Signing up for a healthy meal delivery service can help you with your meals.

Check out these highly rated places right here in GTA:

These services offer pre-cooked meals that you can heat and serve at home for yourself and family. The services includes a variety of options including vegetarian and gluten-free meals all prepared and ready to cook. No prep, no big mess, no stress.

Have Someone Else Clean Your House! You Don’t Need to Do it All! 

With a newborn baby a lot of your time and attention goes into making sure they are taken care of. Don’t worry, most moms experience this feeling of chores piling up.

Thankfully there are service that can help you maintain the dreadful mess and focus on other tasks. With so many options available a great way to help choose is checking out their customer reviews. In the GTA there are services like:

  • Good Karma, provides a weekly or bi-weekly service with the use of environmentally friendly products. A small family-run business with a great team of friendly, mature, experienced and dedicated cleaners who love and enjoy cleaning.
  • Mona, offers 3 levels of cleaning services; routine, essential and superior as well as move in/move out cleaning, and various add-on services. On a relentless pursuit of green cleaning, green living and delivering the highest value for those who choose to pursue eco-friendly cleaning as part of living better.
  • Aspen Clean, an award-winning, eco-friendly house cleaning services; you can relax knowing your home is cleaned with no harmful chemicals. They use a combination of earth friendly supplies to ensure your satisfaction, every time.

Be sure to compare options to find the right one for your whole family.

Have Someone Else do Your Laundry – Yes, It’s a Thing! And a Huge Time-saver

With a new baby comes a new load of laundry adding to your already growing pile. But how can you get help with dirty clothes?

Do you like having a schedule? There are services like Do My Laundry for that. Simply pick a date to have your laundry picked up, pick your plan and have your freshly cleaned laundry delivered right to your door.

Need same day service? Laundry to Go is one of many that picks up your dirty laundry and brings it back to you clean, folded and sorted, all on the same day

Want a service using eco friendly products? With options like North York Premium Dry Cleaning that use service and products that do not hurt the environment while ensuring quality results.

All you have to do is gather the dirty laundry and have it ready for pick up and put away the clean clothes that will be nicely folded and dropped off at your door. Leave the laundry stress behind with such easy-to-use services.

Hire a Doula

A doula is someone who will give extra advice, emotional and physical comfort before, during and after the birth of your newborn baby. They are the perfect choice for mothers in need of some support during these new beginnings.

There are different options with different companies for doula plans and services as well as online classes. Some include:

The Birth Boss – devoted to helping parents take back their power with virtual doula services and online courses like Birth Bootcamp, C-Section Education and Infant Care 101; wherever you are in the world, accessing their virtual services can get you the education and support you need to make that vision a reality.

Lifetime of Love – enjoy your expanding family tree by getting ​the best prenatal classes, birth doula support and postpartum care; through their virtual support platforms, they can cover birthing families all across the country

Lotus Mom – will provide relevant information, loving guidance and support to make this amazing experience the most positive one for you and your partner.

Your Downtown Doula – provides up to date evidence-based information and empathetic support. Are here to support you and your family in your choices.

Helping Hands Doula – have 2 Doulas taking care of you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. With Postpartum Doula Support you will work with 2-3 Doulas to make sure that all your new family’s needs are covered.


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