Here at Julia Park Portrait we take care of wardrobe and styling for you.

So the things you need to do before your session are only fun and pampering tasks! May your session be a reason to treat yourself!

3 weeks before the session: Go lingerie shopping!
While we have everything you will need for the session at the studio, I ask that my clients bring a set of two of the linguine that they feel comfortable it. This is what you would wear under robes and sheer dresses that will show off your baby bump!

2 weeks before the session:
If you dye your hair make sure to get your roots done and refresh a haircut if you need to. It’s not the best time to experiment with new cut and colour – we want to make sure you love how you look! So go for something that you already know suits you!

1 week before the session:
Get your nails done! Your hands will be in the pictures so make sure to go for a neutral polish.
For extra confidence opt to have a pedicure as well – you will be barefoot in photos.
Get your facial done ahead of time in case there is any recovery period for redness etc. to go away.

The night before the session:
Pack your bag to allow for a stress free morning! Don’t forget a pair of slippers you can wear inside the studio while changing/using the bathroom etc!
Get a good night sleep!
Try to relax and not stress about the photos! I will tell you exactly what to do, where to look etc! You don’t need to worry about a thing!


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