When I get asked “When is the best time to take photos of my baby?” I say “now!” 

There is always a special milestone to document! 

Here are some stages in a baby’s life that can be a great excuse to book your session: 

 1. Newborn (Ideally 2 weeks)

Newborn sessions are usually done within the first 3 weeks of baby’s life. Ideally we want baby to be asleep for majority of the session so the baby is content and can be posted on the beanbag and in parents arms. If you are after those tiny, curled up sleepy baby photos – that’s the session to do. 

2. When Baby Starts to Smile (2 months and beyond)

Nothing is as heartwarming as baby’s smile. Reach out when you see that first “social” smile (at you or other parent) and by the time of your session we hopefully have baby who will smile at least a few photos. Babies during those sessions would be mostly awake, with some possible sleepy shots if we are lucky 🙂 

3. Gaining Head Control (3+ months)

When you can hold your baby upright with minimal support to their neck/head so many posing opportunities open up! Your baby can look at you/at the camera. At the same time they usually get more comfortable on their stomach so cute tummy time photos can happen 

 4. Sitting up! (6+ months)

This is a huge milestone, your baby is still the cutest little one but they gain so much independence when they are able to sit down. They can look at the camera/at you play with the toy. They photos opportunities are endless here. This is also a perfect age for motherhood portraits. (Mama + baby) As well as breastfeeding images if you are after that. 

 4. Standing Up and First Steps (Assisted or not – 9+ months) 

Some might argue that this is the biggest milestone of that first year (or the first 2). If you can document this shortly after baby’s actual first steps (even if they still hold your hand for that) you will have this as a memory forever. Nothing beats a baby’s expression when they are performing a new skill: such as walking. My son was so proud of himself once he finally took his first steps (he took his sweet time to get there).

5. First Birthday

First birthday is a big one. It’s a popular session and a must do! Many parents bring a cake for baby’s first (or not) taste of sugar, and we end sessions that way. Photos are always worth the sugar rush that you might experience after! 

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