A studio session with a 3 months old baby girl

If you had to miss out on professional newborn images due to covid-19 restrictions or precautions this is for you!

There is no denying that the newborn sessions are very special.
Those squishy sleepy wrapped-up babies are the definition of adorable.

Unfortunately you can’t go back in time and babies change by the day!

But I am here to tell you that there are benefits to doing the session when your baby is a little bit older too! In fact, some clients skip newborn images by choice because they want the baby to be more alert, more engaged with the surrounding, and their unique features be more prominent.

As a photographer, I love working with babies of any age!
But a baby that can hold its head up gives you so much variety in posing!

But enough talking, scroll down and see for yourself how beautiful your session with a 3-month-old could be.

This session took place in Julia Park Portrait studio in Markham, ON.
Mama’s dress is borrowed from the studio wardrobe (or dresses are if there are multiple outfits).
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