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Mama, are you getting in front of the camera with your babies? Here are 5 reasons why you totally should!
1. You Deserve to Be There
 You belong in photos with them. You birthed those babies. You are worthy. I am all about portraits that show love—love between a mom and her baby. We make sure we have those romantic images with your significant others when you get married.
What about your babies?  You love them with all your heart, and they love you too. It’s a relationship that needs to be documented.
2. They Will Want to See Those Images when They Grow Up
Think about it: how big of a treasure will these photos be for them when they grow up? To see their mom holding them twenty years ago—what a treasure. What is more valuable? What is as priceless as a memory in the form of a printed portrait?
3. You Need to Teach Them Self-Love and Body Positivity from a Young Age
By hiding from the camera, you are showing that you are not good enough to have your photo taken. Unwittingly, you are confirming that the unrealistic beauty standards of society matter, that one can be “too” big, small, tall, short, old,  etc. to be on camera, that you need this or that to be worthy. I once heard a photographer say, “You probably look better today than you will in twenty years,” which is a bit of dark humour but not without truth. Your twenty-year-older self would probably laugh at for you hiding from the camera today.
4. It’s the Closest to a Time Machine You Will Get
Let’s face it—your children will grow quickly and won’t fit in your arms or on your lap anymore. They might even grow taller than you. They won’t be tiny forever, and you will miss holding them tight and having them sit on your lap. You will miss that tiny newborn head that fits in the palm of your hand. Having photos to look back on will take you back in time. Those moments will not be forever lost if they exist in your photo album.
5.  Tomorrow Is Not Guaranteed For Anyone
 I hate to end on a sad note, but if there were ever a reason to take photos, this would be the one. Photos of me with my grandma have become my most priceless possessions since her passing. How I wish I had better or more recent photos with her, but I don’t. Call your parents. Invite them to join the session with your little ones. You will never regret that you did so.
 BONUS: It’s a Fun Experience and a Great Way to Spend Time Together as a Family
 Play dress up in our studio wardrobe. Get pampered by our in-studio hair and makeup artist. Feel like a celebrity for a day because that’s how we treat our mamas and their babies!
 Get in front of the camera with your babies. Be it a selfie, a photo on grandma’s camera, or a professional shoot in my studio, don’t hide, you beautiful, strong, extraordinary mama.
Let us help you document this love and connection you share with your children.  Click here to get in touch and learn how we can make your photography experience fun and stress free for the whole family.
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